Phrase Book English Portuguese



Editora: Porto


ISBN: 9789720319302


This English-Portuguese Phrase Book will be an invaluable help in your travel to Portugal. It gives you the fundamental basis for efficient communication in the most frequent situations that may occur during either a pleasure or business trip.

To give you easy access and quick reference, this Phrase Book is organized in different sections. The first, Quick Reference, is the core of this book. It contains the fundamental vocabulary and the most used daily-life expressions.

In the other sections you will find more detailed information on several subjects (like Driving or Eating and Drinking), with all the important vocabulary and expressions for each situation. The use of drawings makes the essential vocabulary easier to find.

In the section related to The menu, the general structure is not followed. Instead, the Portuguese word is given first so that it will be easier for you to understand the menu at any restaurant.

For a certain situation you will also find related subjects referred to at the bottom of the pages.
Phrase Book English-Portuguese